Book 2 of The Salzburg Saga

It was supposed to be a successful networking trip to Salzburg for Nina and her two business partners, Neil and Angela. Their biggest client, Parker Drayton, had organized a weekend of introducing their small law firm to potential clients. But they hadn’t accounted for Parker’s two grown sons who had also joined them.

They hadn’t accounted for Hugh Drayton.

Drunk, belligerent and on a power-trip following an argument with his father, Hugh had turned the journey into a nightmare when he stormed the cockpit of their small private jet, causing them to crash, spiralling them into treacherous and unforgiving Austrian back country.

Now, with nothing but snow and dark, looming mountains surrounding them, they must band together in order to survive. But as fear and hunger escalates, long buried Drayton secrets begin to emerge. Those secrets shatter the fragile bond they had sought to build, leaving them unable to rely on those they can see, but on the One they can’t.